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Gibson EB3 Bass Guitar Cherry Red 1964.

Excellent+ Condition. One of the True Greats!         Date: 1964.

Stock No. 1417


Gibson EB3 Bass Cherry Red 1964

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Gibson ES-330TD Sunburst + Case 1969.

Amazing Rare Near Mint, Like New!                            Date: 1969.

Stock No. 1418

Gibson ES-330TD Sunburst 1969

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Excellent+ to Near Mint Superb EB0 Bass Guitar.

Original Owner with History.                                         Date 1964.

Stock No. 1419

Gibson EB0 Bass Cherry Red 1964


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Fender Stratocaster 2-Tone Sunburst 1957 and Case.

All Original Excellent Example, these are getting hard to find!

Stock No. 1420                                                           Date: 1957.

Fender Stratocaster 2-Tone Sunburst 1957


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Fender Telecaster Rosewood Re-Issue.

Excellent+ Condition. Quality Made Superb Guitar.    Date: 1993.

Stock No. 1421


Fender Telecaster Rosewood 1993

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Fender Duo Sonic Desert Sand 1959

Fender Duo Sonic Desert Sand 1959 with Original Case.

Jaw Dropping Near Mint Condition+. Slab Board.     Date: 1959.

Stock No. 1422

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Gibson SG Junior Cherry Red 1964.

Original 1964.  In Excellent+ Condition with Case.       Date: 1964.

Stock No. 1423


Gibson SG Junior Cherry Red 1964

Page 374

Gibson EB-2 Bass Guitar Sunburst 1967.

Amazing Near Mint as NEW + Case.                             Date: 1967.

Stock No. 1426


Gibson EB2 Bass Guitar Sunburst 1967

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Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top 1955 with Case.

Near Mint, In Jaw Dropping Original Museum Condition.   Date: 1955.

Stock No. 1427

Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top 1955


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Rare Near Mint Princeton Tweed Amplifier.

Minimal Use.  Amazing!  Best we have seen!              Date: 1956.

Stock No. 1416

Fender Princeton Amplifier Tweed 1956


Page 403

Gibson Les Paul Custom in Rare Vintage Sunburst Finish.

In Amazing very close to Mint Unplayed Condition!     Date 1990.

Stock No. 1428

Gibson Les Paul CustomSunburst 1990


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