18th Century Longcase Clock
Samuel Robson, North Shields
12” Arch Brass Dial
8-Day, Anchor Escapement
Striking the Hour on Bell
Rack Striking, Fully Restored
c1770, Oak Case, 83”
Long Waist Door
Centre Sweep Calendar
Flat Arch Pediment, Fine Colour
Superb Quality
Stock No. 6778
18th Century Longcase Clock
Joseph Kember, Shaw
11.5” Square Brass Dial
30 Hour, Anchor Escapement
Striking the Hour on Bell
Fully Restored
c1765, Oak Case, 78.5”
Flat Top Pediment, Long Door
Engraved ‘Boat’ Centre Zone
Superb Colour & Proportions
Plate Movement
Stock No. 7488
Longcase Clock
George Skelton
Edinburgh, c1825
Deadbeat Escapement
Striking on Bell
Fully Restored
82.75” Tall
Glass Waist Door
Mercury Pendulum
5 Pillar, Brass Dial
Domestic Regulator
Mahogany, 8-Day
Stock No. 6748
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