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David J Pym - Vintage Guitars

Gibson Les Paul ‘54 Re-Issue 1973

Limited Edition, Black Beauty Custom

Original 1973 Excellent Condition, Original Case

Some Very Minor Mild Players Wear, Original Case

No Volute, Alnico Front Pickup, Pots: 1973 Week 3

All Original Parts & Wiring, Gold Hardware

Limited Edition No. LE 89XXXX

Top Quality Guitar with Superb Action & Tone

High Quality perfect Re-fret. No Fretboard Wear

Solid Mahogany Carved Top - Stunning Looker as well!


Stock No. 1288

Please Ask us for Full Details!

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44 Years OLD!


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Gibson Les Paul Custom

Black Beauty ‘54 Re-issue


Excellent to Near Mint Condition

Original 1973

Quality Perfect Re-Fret

Serial No. LE89XXXX

Pots: 1973 Week 3

Superb Alnico Front Pickup!

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